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A little support goes a long way in helping today’s families flourish.  Economic and social stressors can make it tough to focus on relationships, finances and parenting.  Sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn, especially if you don’t have a strong support network in place.  At Metropolitan Family Service, we equip families with the tools to succeed.

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Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, especially when it comes to managing your money. It only takes a few stumbles to get off course. And it can be really tough to bounce back. By offering one-on-one consultations and workshops, we help families develop knowledge around budgeting, saving, debt management and credit information. We coach them on how to set and reach their financial goals. We help them get back on track for a more secure future.

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A good start can make all the difference for a child about to enter school. That’s why we bring parents and their preschoolers together to learn side-by-side. Kids gain confidence and become independent. And their parents or other family members get to know how to support their future success in the classroom. Every day, we see light bulbs go on as new skills and ideas emerge. Our proven curriculum is fun, too!

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We have a great public transportation system but the truth is it doesn’t go everywhere and it doesn’t operate 24/7.   For some parents, getting to work can be such a challenge they run the risk of losing their jobs.  Not to mention the added stress of getting kids to childcare and to school.  The ability to access affordable loans to purchase, repair, or refinance a car can be life-changing for working parents.  As part of the national Ways to Work program, we’re getting parents on the road when they need it most.

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How can you pay for college or vocational training when you don’t have the money? With an Individual Development Account, you can create a savings plan where every dollar you save is matched by three dollars. If you save $3000.00, we will match it with $9000.00 (the maximum). Your dream of attending and affording college or enrolling in a vocational training program is possible with this program.If you’re an aspiring student, MFS offers you the chance to create a financial future based on savings. Nearly 28% of Oregonians are considered asset poor, meaning that they do not have the savings to pay for college or vocational training without going into debt. The Ways to Save program offers you an alternative to student debt.You will receive ten hours of financial education training as part of this program, and will work one on one with a financial coach to develop your short term and long term financial stability plan.Metropolitan Family Service’s IDA program is a partnership with the Native American Youth and Family Center and the Oregon IDA Initiative.

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