Connecting people with their world.
You probably know an older adult or a person with a disability who doesn’t drive, and has to rely on someone else to get around. Unfortunately, not everyone has a support system that allows them to maintain their independence. That’s why we provide transportation and other in-home support services to older adults and people with disabilities. When people are no longer isolated, it’s easier to access healthy food, get to medical appointments and stay connected with their communities. With the help of others, life is a little easier and a lot more fulfilling.

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Project Linkage
We value community and believe that it is strengthened by a caring exchange, engaged volunteers and resources that respond to the unmet needs of seniors and people with disabilities, promoting their safety, dignity and independence. More than 300 volunteers help make it possible for older adults and people with disabilities to stay connected with the world and live comfortably in their homes.  We started Project Linkage over 30 years ago, and we’ve grown to serve more than a thousand people each year. This is one of those true win-win programs.  The folks we help are enjoying a better quality of life.  And our volunteers are rewarded with the satisfaction of seeing their time and energy make a real difference in a real way.  People helping people.

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