Keeping the spirit of community and connection alive.
Aging with grace and dignity is something we all hope for.  Yet too many older adults face isolation and lack essential support.  This can lead to unnecessary dependency, poor mental and physical health, and even higher rates of mortality.

Looking for support or interested in participating?  Let us tell you more.

Minor Home Repair
Staying on top of home projects can be overwhelming, especially for older adults and people with disabilities. Our skilled volunteers lend a hand with minor repairs and fix-it tasks. Sometimes it’s the little things like replacing a light bulb or tackling a leaky faucet. Sometimes it’s a more complicated project, like installing grab-bars or shoring up a loose railing. While our program focuses on “squeaks & leaks”, every project we take on helps to ensure that home is a safer and more secure place to be.
Hands Around a Moth
Project Linkage
More than 300 volunteers make it possible for older adults and those with disabilities to stay connected with the world and live comfortably in their homes.  We started Project Linkage over 30 years ago, and we’ve grown to serve more than a thousand people each year.  This is one of those true win-win programs.  The folks we help are enjoying a better quality of life.  And our volunteers are rewarded with the satisfaction of seeing their time and energy make a real difference in a real way. People helping people. 
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How to Connect: / 503-249-0471