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MFS’ Ways to Work Program in Clark County was recently featured in the the Columbian. This is a fantastic story demonstrating the power of access to affordable car loans in transforming people’s lives.

The world is a better place because Jenny Rund, an itinerant personal caretaker and Certified Nursing Assistant, has affordable wheels.

“I really need a reliable car,” Rund said — and she’s not the only one. Her elderly and disabled clients rely on Rund’s new(ish) 2004 Kia Rio to get them to their doctor appointments. She also takes them on essential grocery and pharmacy runs as well as social outings and thrift store visits — which may be less crucial but seem plenty important to Rund. Otherwise, she said, these folks rarely get out of the house, see anybody or do anything pleasurable at all.

Closer to home, she added, her minor son and her disabled boyfriend, who doesn’t drive, also depend on Rund and her car for connections with the outside world. Plus, she said, one of the two jobs that she cobbles together into a reasonable full-time income also comes with health insurance.

“Without this car I wouldn’t have my agency job. Without my agency job I wouldn’t have health care,” she said. Clearly, a whole bunch of lives depend on Rund’s Kia Rio.

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Image Credit: eflon