Empowering families to realize their potential.

A good start can make all the difference for a child about to enter school.

That’s why we bring parents and their preschoolers together to learn side-by-side. Kids gain confidence and become independent, and their parents or caregivers learn how to support their future success in the classroom. Every day, we see light bulbs go on as new skills and ideas emerge.


“In Ready, Set, Go! I learned that I’m the first teacher of my child. I want to be the best role model I can.”


– Parent, Witchita Center RSG


Ready, Set, Go! (RSG) is a free culturally-responsive program designed to help transition three, four and five-year-old children* and their parents/caregivers into Kindergarten. Through Parent-Child Interaction Groups, parent workshops, and home visits – our proven curriculum is effective and fun!

Since 2006, Ready, Set, Go! has worked with children and families in the North Clackamas School District. Our programs can be found at The Wichita Center for Family and Community, Bilquist Elementary, Powell Butte Elementary, and Earl Boyles Elementary.

*Early Ready, Set, Go! (eRSG) supports children and families 0-3


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Our Approach

  • Home visiting or individual family meetings focus on relationship-building, and modeling pre-kindergarten, literacy skill-building activities for parents and caregivers.
  • Parent-Child Interaction Groups (PCIGs) PCIGs are simulated, inquiry-based pre-school classes designed to increase the school readiness and literacy skills of preschool-aged children. In these groups parents practice developmentally appropriate activities with their children, practice appropriate discipline/redirecting techniques, and increase parent/child nurturing skills. The Program Coordinator will focus on increasing social/emotional, intellectual, language and physical skills of participating children.
  • Parent EducationMake Parenting a Pleasure, a 13-week, research-based parent education program, and topic-based kindergarten readiness workshops. MPAP focuses on increasing parenting skills for highly stressed parents of young children. Topics include communication, child development, positive discipline, and self-care.
  • Kindergarten readiness workshops on topics such as early literacy and social-emotional development.




Measurable Results

Ready, Set, Go helps close the achievement gap for low-income children

92% of the children showed improvement in developing social-emotional skills as measured by the Child Behavior Rating Scale (average score of 3.9 compared to state average of 3.6).

Improved parenting

100% of parents reported improvement in family functioning per the Parenting Skills Ladder.

Increases parental involvement

Parents attend weekly groups with their child and are directly connected with enrichment activities at the school their child will attend for kindergarten and to their community library. On average, 85% of RSG parents attend an event at their school, prior to their child entering kindergarten.

Provides cost-effective services

With an annual cost of around $3,000 per family, RSG is a cost-effective preschool readiness/parent education program.


Ready, Set, Go! Sites

Alder Elementary
Contact Siobhan O’Malley at (971) 407-6570

Bilquist Elementary
Contact Ligia Castro at (503) 344-8006

Cherry Park Elementary
Contact Vania Evangelista at (971) 386-3412

Earl Boyles Elementary
Contact Yahaira Meza-Lopez at (503) 409-5154

Fairview Elementary
Contact Dora Lisa Chavez at (503) 789-2152

Meadows Elementary
Contact Virginia Quijano at (503) 586-4894

North Clackamas School District
Contact Maria Quijano at (503) 333-5899

Powell Butte Elementary
Contact Saray Garcia (503) 290-4643

Wichita Center
Contact Vitzah Santilli at (503) 560-7088

Ready, Set, Go! Home Visiting Program
Contact Diana Contreras at (971) 396-8102


In The News

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Contact María Quijano at (503) 333-5899