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Wells Fargo Grant

A heartfelt THANK YOU to Wells Fargo who recently awarded MFS a grant for operating our programs during COVID19 Relief/Recovery! 🧡 They’re helping to make possible all the work we’re doing for families in our communities.

George Floyd

George Floyd: A Message from Judy Strand, MFS CEO

Reflections on this time, this day, and this moment – May 31, 2020

To say that an injustice was done is not enough. To say countless acts of injustice have been done for 400 years is not enough either. The cries unleashed across our country with true conviction to call out the murder of George Floyd at the hands of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and those complicit, demand us to act; to change; to call out the racism that lives at the core of our society; to face it, and to address it with all we have in us.