MFS in Salem in Support of Oregon Hunger Response Fund

This week, MFS went to the capital in support of the Oregon Hunger Response Fund!

MFS Community Schools Program Quality Coordinator Helen Vank went to Salem to testify in front of the House Committee on Human Services and Housing at the request of Oregon Food Bank in support of HB 2881, which would add back funds to the Oregon Hunger Response Fund.

Ready Set Go! Univision

Univision Highlights Ready, Set, Go! Bilquist Opening

Univision Portland ran a feature on the new Ready, Set, Go! site at Bilquist Elementary School. Watch the video in Spanish here. Learn more about Ready, Set, Go! here. Stay tuned for an English translation!

¡El programa de RSG en  la escuela Bilquist Elementary está buscando padres y futuros estudiantes para ser parte de nuestro programa! Obtenga más información aquí o llame a Maria Perdomo al (503) 232-0007 x533.