Member Benefits

Some perks of serving.


Read & hear what past members have said about their service.

Listen to three MFS AmeriCorps members & one Program Manager share stories of their work in “Self Discovery Through Service“, an episode of MFS’s Moving Lives Forward podcast. 

“My AmeriCorps service helped me realize that youth work was my calling. It would’ve taken me much longer to get on this career path without my AmeriCorps experience.” 

-Community Schools member, 2013

My AmeriCorps position with MFS allowed me to explore my passion for food justice and food security. The month after my service year ended, I was hired to start and run a school-based food pantry at one of our nearby SUN sites.  I believe that the professional experiences and networking I gained during my AmeriCorps year were critical in my success in my current position.”

Community Schools member, 2013 (and current Hunger Relief Program Coordinator) 

“My service with AmeriCorps was a stepping stone on my way to a career in public service in the field of International Environmental Policy. The experience of project management and the micro/local level and the trainings I received gave me the tools needed to pursue a career on an international scale.”

-Community Schools member, 2012

“Serving with MFS AmeriCorps was valuable in helping me define my own professional goals, and ultimately in pursuing a career in pediatrics. Many Interviewers and employers have noted this experience as one of the most impressive and important on my CV. Additionally, I am personally very proud of the work I did with MFS AmeriCorps, and I would recommend it to others who are interested in learning about advocacy, community, and relationship building.”

-AmeriCorps member, 2013 & 2014

Understanding our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Work

 As a culturally responsive agency, our staff and members over the years have asked, “What does this really look like?” MFS has relied on the voices of our staff and members across programs and service communities to help define our collective work and responsibility towards achieving equity, resulting in the MFS Equity Lens, Relational Model, and Equity & Diversity Committee (EDC). Our members receive training and professional development on these agency tools, as well as access to an extensive EDC & AmeriCorps DEI library, and continued opportunities to participate in both internal and partner-facilitated DEI workshops and events.