Think, Talk, Transform Our Community...Together
If you’ve been a part of this interactive and dynamic series, then you know that MFS agog discussions inspire and create connections for real change. While complex social issues don’t have simple solutions, nonprofits are major players in collaborative efforts to solve them.

Moderated by Metropolitan Family Service CEO Judy Strand, MFS agog discussions offer the opportunity to engage with local experts from education, healthcare, business and government to share valuable perspectives and discover how the social service sector offers critical – often missing – pieces to improve the systems that support us all.


Ideas shared and connections made at agog discussions enrich our existing programs, opening the doors for innovating new programs to move the dial on our collective impact.

Interested? Connect with Monica to learn more about this unique series: | (503) 688-1769

group photo

agog promotes
face-to-face conversation,
civic engagement
and social change