A Gathering of Good 2020



Tickets are on sale for the 12th annual A Gathering of Good,

a benefit for Metropolitan Family Service!


This year, we gather to celebrate the many ways our MFS community is engaged to create significant impact for future generations.




Can’t make it?



The Eileen Johnson Award

Eileen Johnson

An intelligent, compassionate and driven person, Eileen joined Metropolitan Family Service Board of Directors. She was an expert at encouraging involvement, helping others and ensuring that everyone, across age, cultural or socio-economic background, had the opportunity to succeed. She loved the mission of MFS.

Eileen Jonson loved gathering her friends together over good food and wine. But Eileen didn’t host just any dinner party. She invited people into her home to discuss important, if not provocative, social issues.

Eileen Johnson She was interested in hearing their perspectives, their ideas, their solutions. Sometimes opinions differed. Sometimes people got riled up. And yet, her discussions were always civil. Her friends loved them. They left Eileen’s dinners enlightened, enlivened, and impassioned to make a difference.

Eileen was in the midst of creating positive change when she passed away in 2005. 11 years ago, A Gathering of Good began a legacy to both honor Eileen and support the essential work of MFS.


Past Recipients of The Eileen Johnson Award 

  • Duncan Wyse
  • Jonah Edelman
  • Carla Piluso
  • Eileen Brady
  • Bill Stewart
  • Steve Patty
  • Cheryl Myers
  • Dave Johnson
  • Las Madres de Corazón