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NameTitleLocationMFS Extension
Abby WoodManager, Economic Empowerment ProgramsBelmont Office103
Alex ShokrianFinancial Coach, Economic Empowerment ProgramsBelmont Office150
Amanda HartProgram Manager, AmeriCorpsRockwood Office332
Amy CorbettChief Program Officer, Family SupportBelmont Office160
Anael JeannisProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsFairview ES411
Angela KremerTransportation Assistant, Project LinkageNE 24th Office------
Angelica FloresAmeriCorps Member 2018, Community SchoolsMilwaukie HS------
Angelo CarrAmeriCorps Member 2017-18, Community SchoolsParklane ES------
Anh TranAmeriCorps Member 2018, AmeriCorpsRSG Wood ES------
Anna MarkleyProgram Coordinator, Hunger ReliefBelmont Office135
Anne SiresProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsLynch Meadows419
Asnaketch KeatingAmeriCorps Member 2018, Community SchoolsLot Whitcomb ES------
Brendon BassettDirector of Innovation and Strategic Development, AdministrationBelmont Office151
Brian SextonSite Manager, Community SchoolsLynch Meadows406
Britney MessierAmeriCorps Member 2018, Community SchoolsRSG Bilquist ES------
Brittani HollandAmeriCorps Member 2017-18, Community SchoolsAlder Elementary------
Carolyn ParkerOn-Call Transportation Assistant, Project LinkageNE 24th Office------
Caty MarshallProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsHB Lee MS412
Celia FlaimProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsGlenfair ES407
Cheslie ClarkAmeriCorps Member 2017-18, Community Schools`North Gresham ES------
Chloe YatesProgram Assistant, Community SchoolsCherry Park ES------
Chris HenryTransportation Assistant, Project LinkageNE 24th Office------
Claire AppelmansAmeriCorps 2017-18 RSG, Community SchoolsLynch Wood ES------
Cyndi RhoadsProgram Associate, AARP Experience CorpsNE 24th Office219
Cynthia ButtsProgram Associate, Community Benefit Outreach CenterNE24th Office------
Damein RoacheProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsCentennial HS430
Darrin SwaimDirector of Communications, CommunicationsBelmont Office170
Desiree GutierrezProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsOliver ES------
Dora Lisa ChavezP-3 Coordinator, Community SchoolsSalish Ponds------
Dru WilsonLead Transportation Associate, Project LinkageNE 24th Office225
Elizabeth AllenAmeriCorps Member 2017-18, Older AdultsNE24th Office218
Elliott CoulombeProgram Assistant, Community SchoolsOliver ES------
Emalee RabinovitchAmeriCorps 2017-18, Community SchoolsNew Urban HS------
Emily BroadwellAmeriCorps Member 2017-18, Community SchoolsCherry Park ES------
Fay AllisonChief Finance Officer, FinanceHillsboro Office300
Geoff BruscaDatabase Administrator, AdministrationBelmont Office112
Haley Logan BarnesAmeriCorps Member 2017-18, Community SchoolsGordon Russell MS------
Hazel FloresProgram Associate, AARP Experience CorpsNE24th Office219
Heather MackrisProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsCherry Park ES427
Heather DonaldsonParent Coach, Family Support ServicesNE24th Office122
Helen VankAssistant, Community SchoolsRockwood Office333
Isamar AlvarezAmeriCorps 2017-18, Community SchoolsDexter McCarty MS------
Izear SmithSUN Youth Advocate Region 4, Community SchoolsRockwood------
Jennifer MangieriGrants Manager, AdministrationBelmont Office125
Jennifer CopelandSUN Youth Advocate Region 5, Community SchoolsRockwood Office338
Jessica CarrAmeriCorps Member 2018, Community SchoolsMeadows ES------
Jessica DoeAmeriCorps Member 2017-18, Community SchoolsOliver ES------
Jessica McLarenProgram Manager, AARP Experience CorpsNE 24th Office217
Jorge CruzDirector, Community SchoolsRockwood Office330
Josie RagoliaTemp. Assistant, Economic Empowerment ProgramsBelmont Office------
Judy StrandChief Executive Officer, AdministrationBelmont Office102
Justine MinetteProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsSalish Ponds424
Karla Bravo RayonProgram Assistant, Community SchoolsFairview ES------
Kate CallaghanDirector, Individual Giving, DevelopmentBelmont Office108
Katie OchsRegional Program Manager, Community SchoolsRockwood Office331
Katie HenryProgram Coordinator, Economic Empowerment ProgramsBelmont Office127
Kelsey LitzenbergerAmeriCorps Member 2017-18, Community SchoolsGlenfair ES------
Kennery BarreraProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsGordon Russell MS414
Kevin DonatoProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsDavis ES417
Kiah CombsAmeriCorps Summer 2017, Community SchoolsOliver ES------
Kim LouvinProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsParklane ES422
Kristen KelleyMSW Intern, Older AdultsNE24th Office225
Kyle AllisonTransportation Assistant, Project LinkageNE 24th Office------
Laura HellerManager, Older AdultsNE 24th Office211
Laurel HessProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsGresham HS415
Lauren FontanarosaCommunity Benefit & Engagement Coordinator, Older AdultsNE 24th Office------
Lena FoxProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsWest Powellhurst ES420
Lilah TolandHunger Relief Assistant, Community SchoolsNE 24th Office------
Lindsey PetersAmeriCorps 2017-18, Community SchoolsDavis ES------
Lizet Molina NeriRSG Site Coordinator, Community SchoolsEarl Boyles ES405
Lourdes MeeuwsenAssistant, Human ResourcesNE 24th Office210
Lyle HendricksTransportation Assistant, Project LinkageNE 24th Office------
Madison HartneyAmeriCorps 2017-18, Community Schools------------
Marcy HughesProgram Associate, Project LinkageNE 24th Office223
Maria QuijanoProgram Coordinator RSG , Ready Set GoLynch Wood ES428
Maria PerdomoProgram Manager, Ready Set GoWichita Center425
Mariela Garfias-RojasProgram Coordinator, Economic Empowerment ProgramsBelmont Office------
Marisol CrumpackerParent Coach, Family Support ServicesNE 24th Office123
Mark OliverProgram Coordinator II, Economic Empowerment ProgramsBelmont Office104
Maruska LynchCommunity Engagement Coordinator, Older AdultsNE24th Office226
Matilde FloresFamily Resource Coordinator, Family SupportBelmont Office------
Matt LaughterProgram Assistant, Community SchoolsGlenfair ES------
Matt HarraDevelopment Associate, DevelopmentBelmont Office105
Matt BartolottiChief Strategy Officer, AdministrationBelmont Office134
Matthew McHarnessManager, Information TechnologyBelmont Office109
Meagan DiMaggioAmeriCorps Member 2018, Community SchoolsNew Urban HS------
Meghan ZookRegional Program Manager, Community SchoolsRockwood Office334
Michelle BrownProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsAlder ES413
Miriam AberthAccountant, FinanceHillsboro Office301
Molly HansenProgram Coordinator, Project LinkageNE 24th Office220
Monica WirtzDirector, DevelopmentBelmont Office120
Nghia HuynhProgram Associate, AmeriCorpsRockwood------
Patricia Yamal SotoFamily Resource Coordinator , Family SupportWichita Center------
Paul EberhardtTransportation Assistant, Project LinkageNE 24th Office------
Rahel GemechuProgram Coordinator, Women's Economic Development, Economic Empowerment ProgramsBelmont Office130
Randy BlackAmeriCorps Member 2018, Hunger ReliefBelmont Office------
Raquel GuzmanProgram Assistant, Community SchoolsDavis ES------
Riley RennerProgram Assistant, Community SchoolsParklane ES------
Rosie YerkeAmeriCorps Member 2018, Community SchoolsHBLee MS------
Samantha DavidAmeriCorps Member 2017-18, Community SchoolsWest Powellhurst------
Sheila McGraneAmeriCorps Summer 2017, Community SchoolsGordon Russell MS------
Siobhan O'MalleyRSG Program Coordinator - Bilquist, Family SupportWichita Center410
Sue CronkriteOffice Manager, AdministrationBelmont Office107
Susan PosnerChief Human Resources Officer, Human ResourcesNE 24th Office215
Terralyn WileyProgram Coordinator, Community SchoolsDexter McCarty MS409
Thu LeAmeriCorps Member 2017-18, Hunger ReliefBelmont Office126
Tiffany BryantProgram Assistant, Project LinkageNE 24th Office227
Tony BroadousRegional Program Manager, Community SchoolsRockwood Office340
Vadim YakimchukHunger Relief Assistant, Community SchoolsBelmont Office------
Vitzah SantilliRSG Site Coordinator, Community SchoolsBilquist E------
Yahaira Meza-LopezProgram Assistant, Community SchoolsFairview ES------
Yareli PerezAmeriCorps 2016-18, Community SchoolsFairview ES------
Yessica RamirezProgram Assistant, Community SchoolsDexter McCarty MS------

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