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are interested in supporting changes that are meaningful and spark transformation; our accomplishment is only complete when positive changes last over time. In essence, when poverty, inequity and social isolation are no longer part of a person’s life.
Is there a bigger systemic approach that expands our impact?
In low resourced communities, there are a number of organizations that help people in a variety of beneficial ways. We work in partnership with schools and other human service organizations every day; collaboration is critical when needs outweigh resources, as they do in the communities we serve.
The spirit of collaboration, throughout our society, is more prevalent then ever before and has seeded a number of important shared vision discussions; we are actively engaged in two major collective impact projects with United Way of the Columbia-Willamette. Both are focused on eliminating poverty and transforming communities, with a strong emphasis on decreasing disparities for communities of color. Our efforts with youth in east Multnomah County are supported through key collaborative projects organized in partnership with All
Hands Raised in Portland.
With unified vision and coordinated service delivery, we see gains for the communities we serve. There is much work to be done.
We appreciate the solid foundation that is created by forward thinking on the part of leaders from all sectors, and we thank
our partners and donors who honor those we serve through their continued commitment and support.
Judy Strand, CEO Metropolitan Family Service
Our staff and volunteers are deeply and personally committed to working with each other, our clients and the community in order to realize our mission.
Our Mission:
Helping people move beyond the limitations of poverty, inequity and social isolation.

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