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Great things are happening at MFS!
Dear Friends and Supporters of MFS,
This past year, MFS has focused on strengthening and extending our successful strategies that help people move beyond the obstacles of poverty, inequity and social isolation.
What are some of the unique ways MFS moves lives forward?
The largest segment of our client base is served through our Early Childhood and Youth Success initiative. This year, we have three examples of our strengths:
• For 3 and 4 year old children, we engage our parents in early childhood classrooms
where they learn skills and approaches to support healthy developmental growth and
• For children having difficulty with keeping up with grade level expectations, particularly
with literacy, we offer a state of the art intergenerational tutoring approach that has
proven outcomes for reading by the end of 3rd grade
• For youth of all ages, our Community School models create centers for learning and
support for high need students and families across 27 distinctly different neighborhoods in east Multnomah County and North Clackamas.
Our Economic Resiliency initiative features our financial mentoring approach that combines learning basic financial skills with acquiring real assets such as starting an educational savings plan or accessing and paying off a car loan. Our clients develop a path to economic stability for themselves and their families through a combination of skill development and tangible ownership of their own financial prosperity.

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