Read a message from CEO Judy Strand.

MFS is an organization that helps people move beyond the limitations of poverty, inequity and social isolation. Across the 13,500 community members we have come to know, we hear powerful stories of ways in which people are gaining strength and success on a daily basis with support from MFS and our many partners across social, health and education systems.

However, since the November election, we are deeply concerned about potential changes in national policies that may disrupt our systems and harm our families and communities. It is critical that we pay close attention to rhetoric that threatens our community members and policy shifts that work against human rights.

Our current concerns center on racial and ethnic equity and inclusion, immigrant rights, health care access and overall investments in social service and education.

The recent and significant rise in reports of incidents of harassment and intimidation around the country, as well as locally by our own staff and clients, are creating a climate of fear in many communities.

At MFS, we pledge to create ways for those we work with to have their voices heard.

We will listen to, and advocate for, changes that are needed to address barriers and systemic issues that impede health, safety, social justice and opportunity for our community.

We will continue to build relationships that help dismantle bias and prejudice.

We will, over all else, seek to understand and honor the strengths and wisdom that communities hold – and elevate that strength in the work we do.

This is the real situation that we face now as a community. It will take a great deal of vigilance and solidarity from multiple organizations, individuals and decision makers to assure that the values of a free and inclusive society are honored and protected.

As we become aware of opportunities to support our community, we will share them on our website and on Facebook, and hope that you will stay in touch with us about additional resources you want to share.

In partnership and community,

Judy Strand, CEO