MFS Community Cup 2018: By the Numbers

By the numbers, MFS Community Cup 2018 ⚽ 2,100 lbs of produce for Harvest Share distribution 800 Attendees 750 Lunches served to children and families 240 mins of physical activities performed per student 108 Families served at harvest share 300 Pairs of shoes distributed to families by AC Portland 35 Volunteers 16 Partners and sponsors 14…

Ted Wheeler Visits Experience PDX

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Visits MFS Intergenerational Mentoring Program

Portland Society Page did a great write-up of Mayor Ted Wheeler’s visit to our intergenerational mentoring program at Sacramento Elementary, highlighting Portland’s status as an Age-Friendly City. From the article: “The City of Portland sponsors Experience PDX, a Metropolitan Family Service program that harnesses the power of intergenerational relationships to address social challenges and promote racial equity…