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Our Mission in Action
NumbErS rEflEct thE 2014-2015 calENdar YEar
210,213 Total Meals Served to the Community
Children Served by MFS After School Academic & Enrichment Activities
614 Adults & Children A ected by Parent Education 272 Adults Attended Financial Education Workshops
Touch Points with Isolated Adults through Rides to Medical Appointments, Grocery Stores and In-Home Visits
1,935 Dedicated MFS Volunteers
58,701 MFS Volunteer Hours
To advance our mission and address complex social issues like reducing childhood poverty or eliminating disparities in education for children of color, MFS partners with nearly 40 other top performing culturally responsive and culturally specific organizations and school districts. Aligning services and sharing accountability helps scarce resources go father and reach the communities most in need.
We are collectively building solutions to challenges people face in economic security, food security, educational disparities and family stability.

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