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MFS is engaged, vibrant and involved in e orts that are Moving Lives Forward.
Dear Friends of MFS,
MFS has been working to strengthen our community for more than 65 years. MFS pursues its mission to help people move beyond the imitations of poverty, inequity and social isolation through its work with children, families, and older adults. Never has the need for this work been greater than it is today.
Our Board of Directors is committed to MFS’s mission and to our responsibility to guide MFS to achieve maximum impact in our community while ensuring  nancial sustainability and responsible use of our resources. We are truly thankful for your support. MFS could not do it without you.
Steven Wilker Board Chair
mfS celebrated it’s 65th year in 2015!
With roots that date back to 1950, MFS has a history of stable and progressive leadership that has demonstrated the ability to shi  to meet emerging needs while maintaining our commitment to meet our mission: To help people get past the limitations of poverty, inequity and social isolation.
Over the past year, we have made progress in our three primary initiatives that are focused on Youth Success, Economic Well Being and Community Health and Wellness. In the report that follows, you will have a chance to hear about some of our recent accomplishments and projects. Our commitment to the communities we serve is to help people move their lives forward through strategies and practices that are responsive to their unique needs and potential.
In order to achieve best results, MFS has implemented a qualitative approach or “impact evaluation” in order to determine what creates lasting changes for our clients. This approach, coupled with our new information management system, builds a feedback loop that consistently informs our practice.
This past year, we have continued to work in a variety of collaborative e orts with many partner organizations such as school districts and key non-pro t organizations that share common goals in an e ort to maximize impact in the community as a whole. These e orts are leading to deeper work on persistent issues that are inherently complex, such as the disparities that exist for people from communities of color and the lack of accessible support services for older and disabled individuals in our community.
In summary, MFS is engaged, vibrant and involved in e orts that are moving lives forward. Our ability to grow our success is contingent on the active engagement of community members and organizations that help us advance our mission.
Judy Strand, LCSW
MFS Chief Executive Officer
Our sta  and volunteers are deeply and personally committed to working with each other, our clients and the community in order to realize our mission.”

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